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Bestial Deform (Россия)

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Группа Bestial Deform из Санкт-Петербурга была основана в 1990 году.
Стиль: Death Metal
Лирика (англоязычная): антихристианство
http://sh.uploads.ru/t/xage5.jpg http://s5.uploads.ru/t/Mt4z5.jpg

"Краткая биография

The history of Bestial Deform started in the end of the year 1990. The singing guitarist Kirill Ulanenkov, who gathered around himself the bassist Sergey Utkin, the guitarist Andrey Shnurov and the drum player Victor Kuzmichov, initiated the project. In 1992 they recorded the debut demo “Worship to madness”. Quite soon the quartet started giving concerts in different clubs of St.Petersburg. This experience allowed them to have a successful tour throughout Ukraine together with Great Sorrow.
Back from the tour Bestial Deform took part in a grandiose metal festival «Baltic Death Zone – 1» with Great Sorrow, Koma, Tula smiths Graveside, Estonian Agressor etc.
Soon the inner disagreements in the group caused the complete change of its members. The bassist Sergey Zelenyuk (ex-Mecca), the drum player Michael Lind (ex-Great Sorrow) and the guitarist Dmitriy Ivanov took the place of Sergey Utkin, Andrey Shnurov and Victor Kuzmichov. In 1993 Bestial Deform released their second demo «Malebranche» and filmed its episode «For the Great Evil». The cassettes were being actively distributed throughout the country, while the group continued playing on different stages.
Next work «Together We’ll Destroy the World» was released at the beginning of 1994. In summer of the same year Bestial Deform participated in the second «Baltic Death Zone», where Polish Dead Infection were headliners.
In October 1994 the group recorded their next mignon “The Mystic” and left for Moscow and Smolensk to give concerts.
The year 1995 was marked by a big festival in Kharkov where such Ukrainian giants as Lazareth (Lvov), North Storm (Sumi), Nocturnal Mortum, Corps took part. The festival was followed by the work on the fifth album “Bellum Contra Omnes”. It was released on the independent label “RAE Music”.
From 1997 to 1999 Bestial Deform were actually inactive because of the disagreements, searching of the new forms and preparing new material. The complete change of the members took place in the end of this period.
In the end of 1999 Kirill Ulanenkov returns to the path of war and gives concerts to the accompaniment of a drum-machine. Soon the guitarist Timur Madyaev and the bassist Alexander Petrov come to the group. In 2000 Bestial Deform participates in “Banzai” festival together with Virgilia Mortum (Estonia), Ashen Light and Rossomahaar (Moscow), Burial Shades (Pskov), Azeroth and the others. Having given a number of concerts presenting new programme “The Second Coming”, Bestial Deform visits Belarus playing with Polish Decapitated and local Exumator, Rasta and Bleeding. The tour was followed by a number of big concerts in St. Petersburg and region including famous in the NorthWest festivals “Friday, the 13th” and “Banzai-fest”.
“Music occupies the main part of my life», – says the founder and ideologist of the group, - “ I am interested in creation in the first place. There are enough obstacles and disappointments, but we will overcome them. Ave Satanas. Stop the Christianity”.
At present, when creating a polyphony of mystic in music, forming conflict between the tones and mobile horizontals of melodically broken lines, we make the phases move.
Movements, unites of suspense and aggression, speed of the hurricanes, brutality of the whip, beating the body with deforming power, turn into majestically tragic step of the coming end. The world breathes.
The Demons guard the altar.
Jesus is dead.
Decapitated, dismembered, crucified.
Stop the Christianity!

Источник: last.fm

Теги: Bestial Deform Death Metal



«Together We’ll Destroy The World» @ 1994


01. Intro (00:46)
02. I Am Evil, I Am Death (03:12)
03. Conjuration (03:11)
04. Re-Animator (02:44)
05. Name of The Light (02:21)
06. Piece of Flesh (03:03)
07. For The Great Evil (04:04)
08. Outro (01:19)

Продолжительность: 00:20:40

Кирилл Уланенков - вокал
Дэмиан - гитары
Mecca - бас
Михаил Линд - ударные

Издание: Self-Released 1994



«Bellum Contra Omnes» @ 1996


01. Intro (Heaven of Demons) (01:15)
02. Before The World Was Made! (03:13)
03. My War (03:00)
04. Conjuration (03:21)
05. Name of The Light (02:42)
06. Flame of Eternal and Gental Pain (02:54)
07. From Hell (03:17)
08. I'm Evil, I'm Death (04:18)
09. In The Sound of Torment (03:42)
10. For The Great Evil (04:06)
11. Outro (01:12)

Продолжительность: 00:29:06

Дэмиан - гитары
Кирилл Уланенков - вокал
Дмитрий Иванов - гитары
Mecca - бас
Михаил Линд - ударные

Издание: RAE Music 1996



«The Second Coming» @ 2004


01. Intro (The Second Coming) / My Cross (06:52)
02. Masturbating World (04:25)
03. Name of The Light (02:49)
04. Before The Crucsifix (05:28)
05. Rape and Kill The Christ (04:33)
06. Three Days Since Dead / Outro (03:55)

Продолжительность: 00:28:04

Кирилл Уланенков - гитары, вокал
Александр Петров - бас
Тимур Мадаев - гитары

Издание: Self-Released 2004

http://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/505579a8dd3062570323bc560fba3971.jpg  http://i6.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/afe00591e5cc1ad8a9b6363fe9bda6ca.jpg

http://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/1bf945700e57456b5713b6497fa7081f.jpg  http://i6.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/4cef295c7d6b529f73cdec2bb9ec71da.jpg  http://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/4163f12dc3bcb453acf451cb0d7c3583.jpg



«We Go To Kill…» @ 2005 (EP)


01. True God (03:52)
02. Jesus Is Dead (03:12)
03. Stop The Christianity (05:07)

Продолжительность: 00:12:13

Кирилл Уланенков - гитары, вокал
Григорий Шавров - гитары
Сергей Судаков - бас
Антон Федеха - ударные

Издание: Self-Released 2005

http://i2.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/406d3a012ed2b20753fe1b68192f50f7.jpg  http://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/7ef5a81a865299d60a8bdefa3487399d.jpg  http://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/bd72ce205e88fa15b18a0fbede83cf14.jpg



«Stop The Christianity» @ 2005


01. Intro (D. Shostakovich. Symphony № 7 fragment) (01:42)
02. True God (03:51)
03. Antichrist (03:54)
04. Jesus Is Dead (03:36)
05. Creat, Destroy, Enjoy (04:29)
06. Non-Human Law (04:55)
07. Stop The Christianity! (instrumental) (05:07)
08. Utopia (06:12)

Продолжительность: 00:33:50

Кирилл Уланенков - гитары, вокал
Григорий Шавров - гитары
Сергей Судаков - бас
Антон Федеха - ударные

Издание: Coyote Records 2005 (Russia, COY 17-05)

http://i3.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/44f3c54fa51dbddc846f831916424cc9.jpg  http://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/abef6cc7c5bcf6502c8ace98c76df2c9.jpg  http://i3.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/109964e63403646cee674ea258d5bfae.jpg  http://i3.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/60b62f441adabbddd4ba0522a081e9bb.jpg  http://i2.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/00afd9036254b6230192bbb23344fe52.jpg  http://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/e2ba18796f4811fecfc0285a1f8a242a.jpg

http://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/15dc4236f87f019388d86df7a06e1c73.jpg  http://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/85e2b37e814b2dd021d9f5741d288baa.jpg  http://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/20ef9747737abee30797d7685f35fec4.jpg



«...ad Leones» @ 2016


01. Intro / Ad Patres (01:55)
02. In Maxillis Bestia (03:41)
03. Chariots (03:15)
04. Symbol of Salvation (04:49)
05. Spirit. Rage. Flash. (03:57)
06. Together We'll Destroy The World (03:23)
07. Severed To Pieces (03:43)
08. Hoc Est (04:12)
09. I Am Alone. I Exist. I Am God (03:43)
10. Christianos Ad Leones (06:49)

Продолжительность: 00:39:28

Кирилл Уланенков - вокал, гитары
Алексей Веселов - гитары
Дмитрий Галкин - бас
Антон Федеха - ударные

Издание: Satanath Records 2016 (Russia, SAT142 / MHP 16-185 / MH019)

http://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/4a65cc16ab1a263d38789b244a9329b1.jpg  http://i2.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/41b5ea34cd1061ddba31686bd3676991.jpg  http://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/db6bb7c6e22b462f07ea7d41e439d6f7.jpg  http://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/70db1281f0476c755b0c4f9e3de82282.jpg

http://i6.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/70b2867fe9e2f185ecfc8edd076e2a41.jpg  http://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/be0f4e02c58c57823cf803c3c67a0b6c.jpg  http://i4.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.07.30/abc504eb7167e90b409fb4f74ebd2709.jpg


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