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8 Point Rose (Sweden)

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Шведская группа 8 Point Rose была образована в 2009 году.
Стиль: Power Metal
Лирика: разное


"Краткая биография

8-Point Rose from Sweden was formed in autumn 2009 by a few members of the former band Evermoore that had been producing demo-records and playing live in different cities in Scandinavia, Czech Republic and Germany for seven years. The members of the band have an average age of 20 and all of them live up in the north of Sweden except for the singer Marcus Nygren that lives 2000 kilometres south of the bands "hometown" Kiruna. Marcus was found on the internet by the other members and after discovering that the musical similarities were so many and the personal chemistry was so good between all five of them that it would be perfect to start a hard-working band together despite the distance, they formed 8-Point Rose.
Their music can be described as melodic, heavy and catchy metal with strong melodies, and they are inspired by alot of other Scandinavian bands like In Flames, Nocturnal Rites, Tad Morose, The Rasmus, Evergrey, The Haunted, Soilwork and Morgana Lefay. The music has both a really heavy and almost "extreme metal" base fronted by the furious screams of guitarist Alexander Timander and a softer surface with strong melodies and beautiful vocalarrangements fronted by talented singer Marcus Nygren.
The first months, under the name of 8-Point Rose, they released a tribute-song to the pop-icon Michael Jackson that recently had passed away. The song was released for free download at the bands website and got alot of attention at different memorial-pages for Michael. The success of the song also gave them the opportunity to play at two metal-festivals in the north of Sweden with bands like Lamb of God, Behemoth and Hypocrisy during the first months of the bands career!
The debut-album "Primigenia" is recorded in three different cities in Sweden: Umeå, Kiruna and Malmö. It is produced and mixed by Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Productions and features guest-artists from some great swedish bands which have influenced 8-Point Rose alot: Bloodbound, Avatar, Andromeda, Zonaria and Morgana Lefay. The lyrics of the album is about everything from deep emotions to the game World of Warcraft and the importance of parties and having a ball of course isnt missed either. Some of the tracks were actually originally written already in the mind of a 15-year old Johannes Timander during the years in the former band Evermoore. Most of the tracks from the album is featured in American bodybuilding-star David Henry's DVD "Beyond Motivated".

Теги: 8 Point Rose Power Metal



«Primigenia» @ 2010


01. Resolve (04:33) 
02. Out of The Shadows (04:31)
03. When Chaos Rules Our Lives (04:14)
04. Endless Rage (05:10)
05. Relentless (04:50) 
06. The Shadow (04:03)
07. Winter Storm (03:07)
08. I Want The World To See (04:19)
09. Primigenia (01:50) (instrumental)
10. Name of Time (05:21)

Продолжительность: 00:41:58

Marcus Nygren - vocals
Alexander Timander - guitars, vocals
Adam Johansson - guitars, vocals
Marcus Sjösund - bass
Johannes Timander - drums

Guest Musicians:
Simon Berglund - growls on track 10
Peter Grehn - guitar solos on track 2
Tomas Olsson - guitar solos on track 4
Jonas Jarlsby - guitar solo on track 8

Издание: Escape Music 2010 (UK, ESM211)

http://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/010819db4eb3ac92c02e0ccd274bda17.jpg  http://i3.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/72b374fc3628ac85b821b4c6cea4b22d.jpg  http://i3.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/72b374fc3628ac85b821b4c6cea4b22d.jpg  http://i5.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/cdc2ec784a5b9068b5c4a2848c1e767e.jpg  http://i2.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/47ecebb8e0ff919ee54e0d7073ed862b.jpg  http://i2.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/b0a8114b835a11f4fbace47a144d1255.jpg

http://i2.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/a0c8b6be05cbddbe97c2e002298b8441.jpg  http://i6.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/1d7c2488171ec4bf899ea7ef2cf2e098.jpg  http://i1.imageban.ru/thumbs/2017.08.19/c1dd3f96f36c5d3e5b523bcfeb832d95.jpg


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